Face to Face With Dr. Fauci | The Truth Is…”It’s Almost Over”

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Doctor Mike

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This week I traveled to Washington DC to interview Dr. Anthony Fauci, physician, scientist, immunologist and Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases (NIAID), as well as chief medical advisor for the President of the United States. We discussed all-things COVID-19. I was lucky enough to speak to Dr. Fauci last year via Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic. This time around, I was so thrilled to sit face to face with the man, maskless, thanks to the fact that we are both fully vaccinated. We dove in deep on a bunch of subjects such as the effect of COVID and vaccines on children, herd immunity, natural immunity, some of his previous statements, and the future of masks. Do you part to end the pandemic and get back to normal life but getting your Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson vaccine ASAP!

More information on the COVID-19 Vaccine: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-... […]d=10491:covid%20vaccine%20explained:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY21

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Christine S
Christine S Prieš 13 minučių
How can anyone believe anything this guy says? Honestly. Why is anyone even listening to him still?
Waiting For The Worms To Come
Waiting For The Worms To Come Prieš 29 minučių
soy-face strikes again
Gio Prieš 42 minutes
This guy should be in jail smh take him off trending ppl go do your research if you want the truth
Charles Bolanos
Charles Bolanos Prieš 56 minučių
At this point just unsub from this channel, clearly biased and CLEARLY ignorant. 2 people I thought I could trustwhen this first all started have been lying to us from the beginning.
Paulie Julietta
Paulie Julietta Prieš val
Matthew Hillsman
Matthew Hillsman Prieš val
People are still taking this guy seriously?
Anthony Arcuri
Anthony Arcuri Prieš val
The sour propane contextually depend because statement naively bury upon a literate room. superficial, tenuous mattock
zyxwvutsrqponmlkh Prieš val
Lock Fauci up. He funded the gana function research that created covid 19. He murdered millions of people.
xDannaB Prieš val
thank you for the interview, but could you have more of a conversation instead of just a Q&A? It's hard to concentrate when it feels like a lecture.
hctigers32 Prieš val
Joshua Casey
Joshua Casey Prieš val
LTlost definitely switched the like/dislike ratio
George Mocan
George Mocan Prieš 2 val
Two lowlife garbage people that do what they do and say what they say for money and political agenda….shame shame shame on them
snipez greased
snipez greased Prieš 2 val
OK I’m a minute and 12 seconds in and I already hear that he is keeping track of people and he keeps on looking at the camera suspiciously
Silu Danji
Silu Danji Prieš 2 val
I hope the next interview will be with a orange jump suit
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 Prieš 2 val
Dr Fauci......the only doctor in the world.....at least when speaking to liberals that feel way smarter than you by claiming to follow science. This is what they mean. Fauci and CDC says it. Anything else is fraudulent in their eyes. It couldn't be any more of the opposite considering this douchebag is nothing more than a government bureaucrat who pushes what the politicians need pushed.
Jew Man
Jew Man Prieš 2 val
A dark room with one light and an object moving around the light. Let’s double the light by spinning and encircling the light. Up is just up and down will never be up. Seek God and follow the light of the world, Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Shell Beach
Shell Beach Prieš 2 val
Why isn't he living at Gitmo???
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
How much data would it take for dr fauci to say this product is dangerous? How many people would have to die from it before he would tell us to stop using it? Science and data has shown that those who get the flu vaccine and those who get the COVID-19 vaccine can cause the onset of COVID-19 symptoms. Dr. Fauci knows this. So why is he encouraging the use of these products? If he is following the science, and the science shows this to be true, then he should be the first one to refuse the use of a protein spike mrna product.
Marco Prieš 9 minučių
@Metal Puppet I am afraid you are discussing with someone who just makes stuff up. Somehow Jenny supposedly knows exactly the setting in which "Andrew" Fauci said something, but she clearly did not hear what he said. Her false claims about Harvard are also telling. She is just repeating all FUD stories she has read on some social media.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 34 minutes
Metal Puppet spike protein is it all gone within a within a certain period of time. There have been women who have gotten the vaccine and the spike proteins were found concentrated in their breastmilk. It’s also been found concentrated in ovaries. A couple who was going to fertility treatments pre-Covid had been tested twice for proper biological functions. Because she couldn’t carry a child full-term. The husband was tested pre-Covid he was normal. After Covid lockdown, was tested again normal. Then he got the COVID-19 vaccine. One month later he was tested again and all of his sperm were dead. She was also discovered to have had issues with her ovaries that she didn’t have pre-vaccination. And again that spike proteins that they’re injecting into your body by the millions to billions in one dose, is a pathogenic toxin to your body. Then they tell your body to create it through the mRNA. How can you not have any left if they’re actually teaching your body to make it? Isn’t that the point of the product? To tell your body to create the proteins so that you will create antibodies to it? But the fact remains it has never been studied. We do not know the full extent of what will happen as a result of these products. You cannot guarantee 100% that they are safe and effective. There are so many variables for each person that is injected. Concerning the nursing homes: are you aware that the CDC expects 11,000 people in nursing homes to die after they are injected with the experimental vaccine? So far only about 130 have been reported. Ironically enough that’s about 1% of what the CDC expects. Are you aware that there are doctors that refuse to report vaccine injury? Are you aware that there are doctors who are trying to report vaccine injuries from this COVID-19 vaccine and their reports are being rejected? These are the complaints of normal people living in normal lives outside of Washington outside of all the bureaucracy. Of course they are censored on LTlost. They are censored on Facebook. They are censored everywhere vaccines are promoted. By the way Mark Zuckerberg invest in vaccines. He has a foundation that promotes them. It’s considered humanitarian work. Again, I can’t judge the motive. But history will judge the actions.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet Prieš 52 minutes
@jenny broderick the spike protein is NOT ENOUGH to give you full blown Covid. That has been proven multiple times by now. It is a very small part of the virus that makes your body produce antibodies. And by the way that spike protein is GONE from your body a few days after getting the vaccine. Its only produced initially so that your body starts creating antibodies. That process can have SLIGHT flu like side effects. But that is NOTHING like going through Covid. For me personally NOTHING happened. Where the hell are all those severely sick or dead people because of the vaccine that you are speaking of. They do not exist. Your chance of getting a severe side effect from the vaccine is about 1 in 100000. Maybe a tenth of that are life threatening if that.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš val
Metal Puppet I wasn’t the one who said that the Covid vaccine could cause Covid symptoms. Dr. Andrew Fauci said it in an interview that was later removed from LTlost before he started promoting the flu vaccines. I watch the interview 6 to 7 times to make sure I understood exactly what he was saying. He said those who get the flu vaccine increase the risk of having worse Covid symptoms. He said “those who get the COVID-19 vaccine risk causing the onset of COVID-19 “. he was sitting in his office. Giving an online interview. He was sitting in front of his desk. Facing his computer. His camera was up higher than his computer. Pointing down towards him slightly. The mRNA vaccine forces your body to produce the spike proteins. The spike proteins are a pathogenic toxin. And it goes throughout your entire body. That means the vaccine for COVID-19 is forcing your body to produce the very thing that is making you sick. And if you have an issue with the number of people that are actually getting sick but Are not being reported, you can take it up with Harvard. They are the ones that were paid by the CDC millions of dollars to figure out how many deaths and injuries from vaccines were actually being reported. They use the information they got from the CDC to do the study. Harvard also created a recording system that could handle all the cases for injury and deaths from this “vaccine”. The CDC has refused to take their calls and have refused to call them back.That also is not my opinion, those are statements from Harvard.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet Prieš val
Bullshit. The vaccine can not cause Covid nor does it have other risks that are big enough to not take it. The benefits ARE MUCH greater than the risks. Your chance of getting Covid badly is factually hundreds of times higher than your chance of getting any bad side effects from the vaccine. And that counts for any vaccine including the mRNA ones. in fact those are even more effective than the other ones
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
Flu season..... fewer doctor appointment = fewer flu shot distribution= less spreading from live vaccines. Would love to see the numbers of vaccines for flu shots. Pediatric appointments we zero- despite abortion clinics being open to “save lives”. Ironically, 30% reduction in SIDS cases during lockdowns. SiDS is a side effect listed on vaccine warning labels.
Jo Ann Cales
Jo Ann Cales Prieš 2 val
Has Dr. Fauci mentioned about the side affects that has followed by people who has come down with a rare heart conditions for life by this vaccines also the ones who has had these vaccines that has the vaccines that had come down with this virus either having severe side affects for life or deaths. They always had given the death rate of the this virus but have they mentioned that there has been 8,000 so far. A relative of mine was in that 8,000. Starting out with this vaccines it was volunteering but now they come up with all kinds of bribing for instance if you get a vaccine you will become a millionaire by having your name put in a drawing. There was a topic where Biden said the ones that does not take the vaccines by July we will pay for it many people had seen. They had mentioned about vaccines of measles,smallpox, polio, with others these vaccines had the germ that caused these viruses in the vaccines so your immunes system will build up against the germ and make the immunity for your protection example in it like a poisonous snake bite the venom is put in the medicine. This vaccine has none of this virus to fight with our immunity to protect us against this virus. There could be side affects from the vaccine months maybe yrs.
Charles Wilcke
Charles Wilcke Prieš 2 val
What a total cover piece. This guy didn't ask him one serious or important question. Fauci has some serious things to answer for and most of those I know also in the Public Health field are disturbed and have lost faith in the system because of people like him and a dishonest and corrupted news system.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
Baby who spent weekend with vaccinated grandparents started passing small egg sized blood clots , like she was having a cycle. 70 year old woman started shedding uterus lining after getting “vaccine”. Women spending time with vaccinated friends are experiencing serious pain and blood clots during cycles. Cycles becoming heaving and clotting and irregular after having had normal regular cycles previously.
Phil Madriaga
Phil Madriaga Prieš 2 val
Dr Fauci just loves be in the screen. Anyone who will interview him he loves.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
There is a difference between hesitation and prudence.
Jesse Brown
Jesse Brown Prieš 2 val
LTlost not showing the true dislike count again…
Kay Cape
Kay Cape Prieš 2 val
murderous crook
Mello Jack
Mello Jack Prieš 2 val
I’m not getting the vaccine
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
Can you imagine how much money pharmaceutical companies are going to make they get $40 per vaccine rather per shot since it’s not a vaccine, and 80% of India get it? A lot of money. What are they up 80% get it.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
India was doing fine with hydrochloric Quinn etc. They didn’t need the experimental shot to get better. They were already doing better. Talk to people from India to find out how they’re doing. People that are not involved in the government. People are not involved in helping make pharmaceutical products. They used India is a Propaganda piece. Their issues started after they started getting the shot.
B Perez
B Perez Prieš 2 val
Fraudulent propagandist.
Patterson Davion, RN
Patterson Davion, RN Prieš 2 val
He funded the China Lab . Not interested in this at all
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 2 val
India was going down. Then they started getting that experimental shot. All the sudden the case of shot through the roof. Why is it the people who got the COVID-19 vaccine they were India was going down. Then they started getting that experimental shot. Immediately after cases in India started shooting through the roof. Why is it that the man who died in Germany and the COVID-19 vaccine shot, showed that he had a spike proteins from the vaccine and every organ in his body? If they spike proteins are pathogenic toxins, which they are you don’t want them in every organ in your body because I can make you sickly and it can cause your desk. Why isn’t this being discussed?
Kathy LaBelle
Kathy LaBelle Prieš 2 val
Fraudci is a joke and has committed crimes against humanity..treason
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 3 val
I would like to know how Dr. Fauci can consciously take aborted babies, remove your scalps, sew them on two rats to allow them to grow so he can collect human cell samples. How could he do this consciously knowing that he purchased babies that were killed, rather than simply babies that have passed away naturally.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 3 val
I would like to know why Dr. Fauci never expresses that he has patented invested interest in these vaccines. Good scientists always acknowledge the benefits that they personally will accomplish from the sale of the product when the experiment is over.
jenny broderick
jenny broderick Prieš 3 val
I would like to know why Dr. Fauci said that the flu vaccine and a COVID-19 vaccine CAUSE the onset of COVID-19 symptoms and then when Went on to promote the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 experimental vaccine.? And why the video the interview which he stated the flu vaccine and a COVID-19Vaccine cause the onset of the symptoms was removed from the Internet just before he started promoting the flu vaccines.
Aaron McCreless
Aaron McCreless Prieš 3 val
changing mind is one thing, flip flopping over and over again with peoples lives at stake is another
Craig Guerrero
Craig Guerrero Prieš 3 val
The truth is that he’s not telling the truth 🤷🏻
Janet W
Janet W Prieš 3 val
Dr. Ken D. Berry or Dr. Robert Cywes should interview this guy.
RotationsMD Live
RotationsMD Live Prieš 3 val
The Same Falsie that was CEO of Moderna, that probably owns a large chuck of their stock, who has in effect committed multiple counts of market manipulation with his "advice" amongst other crimes. What a jaCK OFF
Janet W
Janet W Prieš 3 val
Isn’t he under investigation????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
julie feng
julie feng Prieš 3 val
thank you Dr. Fauci and Dr. Mike! be safe and thank you!
rlkaundart Prieš 3 val
Trump Gave Us the Vaccine Jerk Off
Epstiens Ghost
Epstiens Ghost Prieš 3 val
Mmm actually let my Immune system fight the Virus....Now I'm Stronger than ever against the WU FLU.....FAUCI 4 GITMO 🔥
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet Prieš val
You will never get the protection you get from a vaccine through fighting it off unless you are lucky enough to survive a very severe case. But in that case your chance of actually fighting it off is smaller than your chance of dying from it.
Julian Faron
Julian Faron Prieš 3 val
Demon man, I don't consent.
Morgan 35
Morgan 35 Prieš 3 val
unsubscribed. Thanks Mike!
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Prieš 4 val
they're all pedophiles and nobody believes me yet...
seed hound
seed hound Prieš 4 val
Fauci ? crimes against humanity?
Matt Robles
Matt Robles Prieš 4 val
Man some of you people are really that dumb...
Becki Terry
Becki Terry Prieš 4 val
Hi Mike how's Brandy eat at Commerial Dinner lately . Hi Tony
Becki Terry
Becki Terry Prieš 3 val
Yeah they say people that have brown eyes carry the virus ... and sometimes do not show symptoms .
Becki Terry
Becki Terry Prieš 4 val
This last one in Emporia. They said you help make it you take it .I received my vaccine at Walmart .And no I did not ask my Doctors if it was ok . They did not wash their hands at Walmart either . Well the one Co-Vid shot I got this time did not make me has Seizure this time even with Radiation and Chemotherapy. This one made me feel feverish ,body aches ,gave me dark urine loss of appetite and very tired . The Flu vaccination I got at Auburn Pharmacy was a Strain from New Jersey and Nebraska. First I was exposed to was at Burlington Hospital was a exchange student from Africa that did not wash his hands before drawing my blood for a full blood screening. 2018-2019
John Dena
John Dena Prieš 4 val
Research the Jesuit oath
Emilio Bistamante
Emilio Bistamante Prieš 4 val
Treason for Fauci
B Dog
B Dog Prieš 4 val
Both are idiots
Carolyn G
Carolyn G Prieš 4 val
Can't watch this ...."person". I will add my 2 cents though just from reading the video header. It will never be over in their book. They bring us up only to drop us down. I believe they know it too. Already there is news of yet "another" virus variant in 32 states is what I believe I heard. This is the new norm they speak of?
Marco Lello
Marco Lello Prieš 4 val
When I first clicked on this I thought it was going to be actual journalism I didn’t think they were buddies and they get paid by the same people
ANd Prieš 5 val
This pos is going to be tried at the Hague for what he did
David Simone
David Simone Prieš 5 val
Debra Madison
Debra Madison Prieš 5 val
Alot of BS blah blah blah
ClausenLT Prieš 5 val
Fauci LIED people died. The reason they made sure NOTHING was allowed to treat the beer virus, was so they could get emergency authorization for their experimental, gene treatment. 90% of the government are criminals. 100% of the criminals are democrats!
Zane Colvin
Zane Colvin Prieš 5 val
this dude really doesn’t have the best luck with vaccines… but yes by all means let’s listen to the government who poisons our food, feeds us alcohol and tobacco bc yes they most definitely have your best interests in mind
Brian Allen
Brian Allen Prieš 5 val
china virus
QGSib Prieš 5 val
Wow the two weeks of quarantining really worked!
M L Prieš 5 val
Todd Michaels
Todd Michaels Prieš 5 val
You cannot have "Fauchi" and "truth" in the same sentence.
Emily Merz
Emily Merz Prieš 5 val
Why don't you ask him how he feels about being the highest-paid criminal in our government? This guy is so evil, he cost innocent people their lives all because "orange man bad". And doctors like you "Doctor Mike", are complicit. Anyone with half a brain and even a tiny bit a scientific understanding knows that masks don't do anything stop the spread of a virus. And asymptomatic spread isn't a thing never was. Hydroxychloroquine does work and saves lives... the list goes on... public has massive trust issues now with medical professionals I hope it was worth it. Everyone involved in calling those of us willing to be brave and ask rational logical questions conspiracy theorists, deserves to lose their credibility for quite a while to come.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet Prieš 43 minutes
Masks have been proven to slow down the spread by over 40%. There is a German study for that. The drugs that were used are experimental and are not approved and have either shown a low efficiency or strong side effects. The vaccines however have gone through the full testing and show excellent efficiency. Also asymptomatic spread IS a thing. My brother caught it that way. All it takes is microscopically small droplets.
You don’t even own a suit!
You don’t even own a suit! Prieš 5 val
Fauci the murderer needs to be in prison.
Super Jonboy
Super Jonboy Prieš 6 val
666k Views on a Fauci video? Gain of Function research anyone?
Alex Schneider
Alex Schneider Prieš 6 val
Maria Felicita Mateo Salas
Maria Felicita Mateo Salas Prieš 6 val
Thank you Dr, Faucci, remember Peru when vaccines are distributed. Blessings!
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Prieš 6 val
this guy does opposite what the science say. all I hear is lies.
chris g
chris g Prieš 6 val
He belongs in jail
Arturo Prieš 6 val
What I am wondering is why is anyone still taking Fauci seriously? He has lied so much to the American people he should go to prison.
Joe S
Joe S Prieš 6 val
Killing people everyday
Ross Spragg
Ross Spragg Prieš 6 val
Over 666k views. This goes to show that he is Satan's puppet.
Judit Vega
Judit Vega Prieš 6 val
The reflective uncle overwhelmingly sail because smell inevitably refuse against a flippant numeric. salty, bawdy dream
Jim Hartzog
Jim Hartzog Prieš 6 val
Dont get the Fauci ouchy
M L Prieš 6 val
Free beer, hot dogs, donuts, gift cards in America, in Moscow, Russia drawings for five cars worth 1 million roubles ($13,900) being given away every week. In a Philippine town, there was a cow raffle as an incentive, while Mexican vaccination centers layered on entertainment in the hope of making it fun to get a jab. And it keeps going-free beer in Israel to complimentary desserts in Malaysia. In Hong Kong, a property developer is raffling off a $1.4 million apartment for people who have been vaccinated. Washington State has allowed retailers to offer a free marijuana joint when they get a shot in ‘joints for jabs’ promotions. In exchange... 1. Death. At least 25,000 deaths from the vaccine just in America alone. Including disability, excessive miscarriage rates, heart attacks, stroke, inability to walk, talk, or see, Bell’s Palsy, persistent pain, Parkinson’s like symptoms, re-activation of shingles, blood clots. 2. Biodistribution data shows massive accumulation in ovaries of the LNP (which instructs cells in ovaries to sprout toxic spike protein-making your body a ticking time bomb. 3. 82% miscarriage rate in first 20 weeks (10% is the normal rate). 4. 25X the possibility of myocarditis for teen boys (can lead to heart failure and death) 5. Kids already have natural immunity (Science Magazine article), so there is no benefit to vaccination, only risk. 6. No point vaccinating those who’ve had COVID-19: Findings of Cleveland Clinic study. No benefit, only risk. 7. The CDC refuses to say how many people have died and is “still investigating” heart damage in kids even though it is obvious why (free spike protein causing clotting and inflammation). A 25X increase when the only “new” thing is the vaccine isn’t hard to figure out. Ask the CDC for their current top 5 hypotheses for the cause and watch what they say. 8. An injection 500X more deadly than the flu vaccine 9. COVID vaccines have generated more adverse reports in the last 6 months than all 70 vaccines over the past 30 years combined. 10. A defective virus design (s1 was never supposed to be free, inclusion of PEG was unnecessary and allows LNP to be widely distributed) 11. The unpredictable and horrifying side effects of this vaccine on heathy kids, such as the 16 year old girl who was unable to speak and see just 48 hours after being vaccinated 12. Debilitating side effects can happen at any time because vaccine victims are very similar to COVID long haulers (Dr. Bruce Patterson’s research studies) and we all know that long haul can start at any time (even when the disease is asymptomatic) and could be incurable. 13. Vaccines skipped proper toxicology studies in order to bring to market faster. We don’t know what we don’t know. 14. There are MUCH MUCH BETTER and safer treatments available Ivermectin and fluvoxamine have been confirmed in Phase 3 trials. Ivermectin has a very high quality systematic review, the highest possible level in Evidence Based Medicine. Repurposed drugs are safer and more effective than the current vaccines. In general, early treatment with an effective protocols reduce your risk of dying by more than 100X Still want that free beer?
Marco Prieš 4 minutes
@Metal Puppet M L is just a serial misinformer.
Metal Puppet
Metal Puppet Prieš 35 minučių
The risks of the vaccines are HUNDREDS of times lower than your chance of getting Covid badly if you are not vaccinated. That counts for any of the approved vaccines. The same goes for getting the exact same issues that you MAY get from the vaccine because of getting Covid. The vaccines have gone through all three testing stages successfully. None of the medications against Covid have successfully passed any testing. They are either proven to have severe side effects or to not be effective at all. Or both
Napoleon Prieš 6 val
Fauci talking about us opening soon, when a few months ago he said that "some form of normalicy will be achieved by spring of 2022" Dr.Mike shouldve been in charge during this pandemic, hes a much better doctor then Fauci.
La Idiota
La Idiota Prieš 6 val
Many many dislikes
Woman Gamer
Woman Gamer Prieš 6 val
Does Dr. Mike worship Satan too?
1thug aka HOLLYWOOD COKE!!
1thug aka HOLLYWOOD COKE!! Prieš 6 val
Fauci is the schience!!
William Masters
William Masters Prieš 6 val
Fauci said you could get aids from kissing
No Username
No Username Prieš 6 val
Too much filler IMO
Chris Minor
Chris Minor Prieš 6 val
But what about all the side effects…mentioned by the creator of the vaccine technology on the dark horse podcast
Peter Janosik
Peter Janosik Prieš 7 val
... scientist can change mind... Fauci says... Mr. Fauci, masks are not science, and even with that you have problems... resign...
CJones08 Prieš 7 val
Fauci you're my hero! But why didnt you tell us you knew the whole time the virus was likely man made and that you were funding bio weapon development in China? And why did you say HCQ is dangerous and ineffective when you knew neither were true? And why did you pretend masks work after saying they dont? But I still trust you 100% about the Vax 😉
Estela Gonzalez
Estela Gonzalez Prieš 7 val
Asks faucx about genocide 1984 under his research
James Feldman
James Feldman Prieš 7 val
Fauci and the Truth are not only strangers, but they've never, ever met.
Jeremy Boatright
Jeremy Boatright Prieš 7 val
Snake oil salesman. 🇨🇳
Clay Helton's IQ
Clay Helton's IQ Prieš 7 val
2 frauds in this video. Guess who they are?
Charlotte Cannon
Charlotte Cannon Prieš 7 val
Disgusting. He ought to be in prison along with all the others involved in creating and funding the virus for numerous crimes against humanity. Period.
Eliz Prieš 7 val
Bryan B
Bryan B Prieš 7 val
Dr falsi belongs in a dumpster
kevin shiley
kevin shiley Prieš 7 val
I'm surprised Dr. Mike didn't just get on his knees during this pile of propaganda 💩💩💩💩
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