How Often You Should Shower And Wash Hair | Responding To Comments Ep. 22

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Doctor Mike

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You’ve been sending me some really interesting questions recently, so I decided to do another episode of Responding to Comments to get to the bottom of some medical mysteries. Today I talk about how often you should shower and wash your hair, why we kick when we sleep, what causes an itch, why we administer vaccines in the shoulder, ringing ears, runny noses from spicy food and hot wings, posture correctors, electrolytes, stomach growling, and the truth of getting 10,000 steps a day. Drop a comment down below if there’s a medical question you’d like me to answer!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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mariam bellucci
mariam bellucci Prieš 5 minučių
I heard a rumor that if you dream of falling it means that one of your body parts blood stoped and your brain gives you that dream so you can twice and move the area
Lonestar Outdoors
Lonestar Outdoors Prieš 35 minučių
Mores will kill me because I eat them Charles 😂
3D MASTER - Prieš 52 minutes
I wash my hair once a week and it still looks good after 14 days but I don't recommend washing it every 2 weeks 🙃
Heather Cornella
Heather Cornella Prieš val
Why do I feel a pinch in my shoulder when in fact it was my upper thigh that i scratched not my shoulder?
Solar Lion
Solar Lion Prieš 2 val
Dr. Mike: Chest compressions! Viewers: but what bout... Also Dr. Mike: CHEST COMPRESSIONS!
ham4fun Prieš 3 val
i really need to show that showering/washing hair part to my mother
yanssen mae
yanssen mae Prieš 3 val
I teach in my health class in the elementary and this is one of our topics. Thanks for the info on ear problems. ❤❤
tmoerk1 Prieš 5 val
uh oh i used to eat burnt marshmellows all the time
Camy C
Camy C Prieš 5 val
I'd like to ask: is it ok for a textured hair person to shower on Wednesdays and Sundays ok? (I mean like, twice a week or like, for example, every 3 or 4 days?)
Luces Prieš 7 val
Or anything loud
Luces Prieš 7 val
Hi I’m new on this channel I’m just starting watching it I am 10 years old and I have constant ringing in my ears even though I don’t listen to music on my iPad at all what do I do to make it stop I go
Qwerty Prieš 6 val
Tell your parents! Best way to actually figure out what is wrong is to get it checked out by a doctor.
Jillian Goodwin
Jillian Goodwin Prieš 9 val
Why every time I brush my teeth does my nose get runny
Jillian Goodwin
Jillian Goodwin Prieš 9 val
Him your skin doesn’t like hot water. Me- I only use cold water-
☆  Night_Lxght  ☆
☆ Night_Lxght ☆ Prieš 10 val
1:21 He somehow knows that he's delicious. Did he eat his finger or something?
Kira B
Kira B Prieš 10 val
I have a pimple in my eyelid but it’s impossible to pop and I have had it for 4 days help
smith yogi
smith yogi Prieš 10 val
God bless Dr Alaho Olu on LTlost for curing me and my girlfriend from Herpes Simplex Virus. I’m very grateful to you sir...
Giorgi Gogolashvili
Giorgi Gogolashvili Prieš 10 val
Me walking out of shower for the third time today.......
Jeon Vincent
Jeon Vincent Prieš 12 val
wait..4mins,?? i literaly shower in 2 to 3 hours !!!
jules! Prieš 13 val
crying in my textured fine hair : )
Valentina Gonzalez
Valentina Gonzalez Prieš 14 val
Hi dr.mike i love your vid btw but why do we hiccup? thanks for making me smile
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger Prieš 15 val
okay Doogie enough your mom is calling you for dinner and Vinnie just climbed through the window
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger Prieš 15 val
wonder tomorrow what they would do if people lived their lives and told them to quote quit trying to run ours and treat us like guinea pigs and butt out we will call you when we need you not
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger Prieš 15 val
socialized medicine cannot trust them truth part of socialism
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger Prieš 15 val
every time you go in and out of the house no thanks to this plandemic and the doctors
Ian Clark
Ian Clark Prieš 16 val
I have stopped using soap and shampoo. I'm older and it I find it dries out my skin too much. And I don't have strong body odor so I guess I'm lucky there.
amita aliyu
amita aliyu Prieš 16 val
omg you are cinemon
Void Unicorn
Void Unicorn Prieš 16 val
All my life people have called me weird for eating seaweed and to finally see someone like a doctor eat it 😳😯🥰😁
James Peek
James Peek Prieš 16 val
I love how corny dr mike is😭 a cheese ball but in a good way
cora coulter
cora coulter Prieš 17 val
I shower twice a day morning and night
king kong 2005
king kong 2005 Prieš 18 val
I am so scerd. For blood test needle
Boredman567 Prieš 18 val
4:16 I used to go on bicycle rides regularly, and every ~10 miles along the route, there's a rest stop with food, drinks, and restrooms. On some rides, the rest stops had little bottles of pickle juice. I normally dislike pickles, but after a couple hours of exercise and sweating, suddenly I like the taste better since my body needs the salt.
Lily Tran
Lily Tran Prieš 18 val
Which water is best for the body because I have friends who drink flavored water or water with alkali included
Joshua Alvarez
Joshua Alvarez Prieš 19 val
When doctor mike saying piyuuuk and pointing finger on the screen I feel he's fingering me
Queen Kinoc
Queen Kinoc Prieš 20 val
My six year old and I watch your videos. Thank you because you are making him interested im science and medicine, and help me answer some of his tough questions about sleeping and eating vegetables 🙂
Mr Burge
Mr Burge Prieš 21 val
When should I go to the dentist every year/month/week?
Los Angeles_vibes LA
Los Angeles_vibes LA Prieš 22 val
why am i scratchy after i take a shower?
Emmaly Garner
Emmaly Garner Prieš 23 val
do children get injections at 9 and 10,11,12
RedTheExoVet Prieš dieną
What is it with sometimes eating hot or sometimes just normal temp foods your nose will start to run and leak?
Lemon_ gatchagirl
Lemon_ gatchagirl Prieš dieną
Ur a salad
dddevil suck
dddevil suck Prieš dieną
I have a question is it ok to crack ur neck
PWR Lasy
PWR Lasy Prieš dieną
What about eating a burnt marshmallow?
Pine Cone Tree
Pine Cone Tree Prieš dieną
Girls I think we need to work on the 3 - 4 minute showers-
Malloryyy Prieš dieną
Can u explain allergy shots
janelle a
janelle a Prieš dieną
"why do stomachs growl?" "because they're angry." that made me laugh so hard.
AmRat Prieš dieną
I read “growl” as “grow” lol why do stomachs grow because they’re angry
Ashton Sumpter
Ashton Sumpter Prieš dieną
Michelle Stillwell
Michelle Stillwell Prieš dieną
I've been drinking water from plastic water bottles for almost 2 years now. When I try to drink tap water of any kind I get really sick to my stomach, how can I get use to tap water again?
car kraze
car kraze Prieš dieną
quistion: why do i sneese when i see the sun? (i happenes every week once)
Asp Raku
Asp Raku Prieš dieną
Dammit, I’ve already subscribed to so many people but I’ll kick a few of them off for you. How I wish more doctors were like you. You’re intelligent and you have a great sense of humor and I’m more apt to listen to somebody gives me information in this way. Props.
sebas sebas
sebas sebas Prieš dieną
The swanky drawer longitudinally compete because bread implicitly strengthen unto a unused canoe. tremendous, limping frog
TheGamer24 :D
TheGamer24 :D Prieš dieną
every 2 days you shower imo
Jesse&GraysonStuff Prieš dieną
Aubrey King
Aubrey King Prieš dieną
3:22 Cause: large breasts and weak core. My body can't fix this on its own.... I need help 😅
CozySoda VibeHouseee
CozySoda VibeHouseee Prieš dieną
" what actually causes the sensation of an itch" Me : *Gets a itch* ...I-
thegreenbaizevampire Prieš dieną
Get a smaller head for your toothbrush if you're gagging. Electric toothbrushes worked for me.
K A Prieš dieną
Shower with a buddy save water.
Habs Mbebe
Habs Mbebe Prieš dieną
So it’s not actually us farting, it’s the bacteria in our stomachs farting, we just carry it out. 😂
Frances Benner
Frances Benner Prieš dieną
What do you do when you don't eat for a week? My grandmother hasn't been eating lately, so I just wanted to ask
xhmodx7 Prieš dieną
Water bills:am I a joke to you?
Henri Lecomte
Henri Lecomte Prieš dieną
I want to join the discord but do you really need to pay for patreon??
vellberry Prieš dieną
I actually have a few questions of my own... I keep having unknown pain in both of my knees, and they crack every time I squat or get on my knees. It continues giving me discomfort and I don't know what it is- have any ideas?
Unrecorded Bruh
Unrecorded Bruh Prieš dieną
Doctor Mike why can I hear my eye blinking and my jaw moving??? is it just me?
Unrecorded Bruh
Unrecorded Bruh Prieš dieną
I have random red dots in my body they weren't here before.
Sonicvoltron Prieš dieną
I recently started to track my sleep and think I might not be getting enough deep sleep. What is a healthy amount and what are some tips to improve the amount of it?
Leilani Cirton
Leilani Cirton Prieš dieną
Can eating to many spicy foods kill you?
Jiyan Cristopher Romano
Jiyan Cristopher Romano Prieš dieną
Can i ask, why do we tend to shake our legs whenever we're sitting?
·Sweetie Edits·
·Sweetie Edits· Prieš dieną
My dad loves burned food and I’m gonna tell him to stop
Shahed Al-rajab
Shahed Al-rajab Prieš dieną
I want to be a future general surgeon what do I have to learn
NonceBlade Prieš dieną
Cassandra cypher
Cassandra cypher Prieš dieną
Dr. Mike: Your skin doesn't like soap and water all over it all the time My mom who makes me shower twice a day: NO! THAT'S NOT TRUEE!!! REEEEE
Classified Information
Classified Information Prieš dieną
So i was right to skip some of my showers??? AHAH take that mom! Gotta listen to the doctors.
0bviEva 0bviEva
0bviEva 0bviEva Prieš dieną
Sometimes i feel a small bite-burn on the bottom of my head does this have to do with my head muscles because there are times i move my head fast and sometimes slowly and dont really move it
activelifestylemom Prieš dieną
My husband twitches while hes still awake after we lay down for sleep, what's up with that?
Gentleflipper3 Prieš dieną
Ringing in your ears sucks
BabyHoglin Prieš dieną
Do higher fevers last shorter? I once had a lethal fever (I'm not American so I'm not sure what it is in farenheit and too lazy to check) but it went away in one evening.
Hazel Angus
Hazel Angus Prieš dieną
Urgh, I tried to tell my foster mother it wasn't good for me to wash every day and that washing my body and hair everyday would strip away the natural oils. When my mother was younger she washed her hair once a week, I told her. She insisted I was wrong and she told me her kids called me "Sweaty Betty" behind my back. If they did, it would only have been due to her influencing them. Nobody at school made comments about me being smelly, and they would have if there had been a problem!
Nic Flatterie
Nic Flatterie Prieš dieną
Brando has electrolytes! It’s what the body craves!
Logan Wolv
Logan Wolv Prieš dieną
So that ringing sound that i hear sometimes at night when i sleep could be hearing loss? I swear i thought this had a harmless and totally normal mechanism that happens once in a while.
Peter Balogh
Peter Balogh Prieš dieną
i have a good workout for kids.just run arround or something
Nardalis Prieš dieną
I've had a bad habit for a really, really long time. I sit in a posture with my legs on the chair, never touching the floor (kind of like an S-bend?). I've almost always did that, mostly because I don't find it comfortable to sit normally as my legs are so short I can barely hit the ground with my toes if I sit straight. I do have a footpall to minimize this issue, but I dont use it enough due to the habit I got. What things do I screw up with this posture?
Siiri Elina Sarapuu
Siiri Elina Sarapuu Prieš dieną
What halpeni when your stomack growls?
Angela兮 Prieš dieną
cHEwY TimE
Ananth Swaminathan
Ananth Swaminathan Prieš dieną
If you clench your fist while tucking in you thumb, it helps the COVID 19 test be less painful and itchy
Ananth Swaminathan
Ananth Swaminathan Prieš dieną
How to get water out of your ears Cartoons: *bangs head* Dr mike: *jumps* Me: *SWINGS HEAD AROUND LIKE IM ON DRUGS*
Bridget Gates
Bridget Gates Prieš dieną
gravon シ
gravon シ Prieš dieną
Uhmm doc I have a question. Why do I feel something touch me 😭
dancing grunt
dancing grunt Prieš dieną
Mike: should you shower daily? Me an indonesian guy: I AM 4 PARALLEL UNIVERSES AHEAD OF YOU
dancing grunt
dancing grunt Prieš dieną
Only indonesian or hot country's will understand
Andrés Garro
Andrés Garro Prieš dieną
I have a question, why aren’t you supposed to go from somewhere cold to somewhere hot for example from baking of ironing a shirt to open the Fridge but it’s ok to go from hot water to cold water
Garima Singh
Garima Singh Prieš dieną
Whereas i do not want to know any of the answers, but still watched the whole friggin 11 minutes videos... Is because this person is very cute and dashing. Period. No offense feminists.
No Clarke
No Clarke Prieš dieną
My mum: your hair needs washing everyday Me, with really textured hair: oh really? Watch this
No Clarke
No Clarke Prieš dieną
My friend has a bend in her back (scoliosis) and is in a lot of pain, is there a way to help her without meds? Please reply someone if you know
X LORD Prieš 2 dienas
Didn’t shower in a month lol
Mi Mi Mi Mi
Mi Mi Mi Mi Prieš 2 dienas
My mom hates when I don't shower she thinks Im stinky if I don't which is not and now my hair is falling out and very very dry, I have different hair type that them they're curly while I'm semi wavy. I keep telling her that it's bad I shower every single day but I don't put shampoo sometimes on my hair just wet it and continue taking a bath because if I at least don't wash my hair she thinks I didn't clean myself😬
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones Prieš 2 dienas
Dr. Mike: “tin-ni-tiss” Me: “I... I thought it was tin-aye-tus? Wtf”
AmRat Prieš dieną
I thought it was “tin in tit us”
Wolflover324x Prieš 2 dienas
Question: why does my tongue tingle whenever I think of spicy things?
Katie Prieš 2 dienas
i know this out of nowhere but u have nice eyes :3
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Prieš 2 dienas
Can you make a vid about cholesteatoma
Ikay Otrof
Ikay Otrof Prieš 2 dienas
Ooh I have a question: My parents have vowed to never sleep next to me in a hotel ever again. Apparently I sleep kick/punch like crazy. Why do I do that and is there a way to not make the person sleeping next to me sore?
GChaudhry Prieš 2 dienas
doc love your vids. i have a question, if I stay in sun for even 5 mins and dont swet i have this little red dots on my skin arms legs back face if i go in shaded area they seems to go away own its own why this is happning and how to i avoid it. sometimes when i am in sun but wroking out ie cleaning pool veg garden and i start to swet i dont get these bumps
Happy pride month!
Happy pride month! Prieš 2 dienas
I have a question, in school sometimes I have like a sugar rush out of nowhere without any sugar, is this bad?
Brissa Cavazos
Brissa Cavazos Prieš 2 dienas
Can you wash your body every day after school days
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